Monday, March 10, 2014

Charlotte's Puppy "Skye" from Paw Patrol

Happy, happy 6th birthday to my beloved niece (Niki's daughter), Charlotte!  In honor of Charbunkle's birthday, I crocheted her this puppy named "Skye" from the Nick Jr. show "Paw Patrol".

Back when Charlotte & Peter first started watching that show last year, I looked around on the interwebs for Paw Patrol crocheted goodies, but I didn't find much because the show was still a bit too new.  Since then, I've seen a few Paw Patrol amigurumis float across my Pinterest boards, but none turned my head like this pattern by Nipiti, which I bought on Etsy.

As usual, I used Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart With Love yarns, but I also mixed in some beige Caron One Pound yarn that I've had in my stash for a while.  Actually, that yarn might have come from Niki when she handed down all of her worsted weight stash to me!

And of course, I used my beloved safety eyes.  The pattern calls for the kind of safety eyes that have irises around the pupils, and the pattern author even used the appropriate pink-irised eyes to match the animated version of Skye, but they look a bit too albino to me, so I went with plain old black.

I love the cute little tail!

Hopefully Skye arrives in the mail today and breaks my streak of always sending late birthday gifts!

The hat and goggles are so much fun.  Nipiti wrote a really great pattern.  I highly recommend it!

Happy birthday to my favorite (ok, ONLY) niece in the entire world! Your Auntie Ernie loves you so much and wishes she could be there to celebrate with you.  Enjoy the rest of your visit with Grandma JoJo!


  1. Your Skye is so cute. I just purchased this same pattern and was wondering what the measurements of your completed project are since you used the worsted weight #4 medium yarn. Did it turn out larger than the pattern measurements stated? And what size hook did you use. Thank you so much. This will be my first amigurumi project and it's for my granddaughters birthday coming up soon.

  2. Great choice for a first amigurumi pattern, Sharron! Nipiti's pattern is very, very well-written and everything is very straight-forward. If you get hung up on anything (like the magic ring), you can always ask me for a bit of assistance. Are you on Ravelry? That's a GREAT resource as well.

    Darn, I should've taken measurements of Skye before I sent her off. [Niki, if you get a chance, can you measure Skye?] My daughter and I just discussed it and we think my Skye turned out about a foot tall and maybe 9" long. I really like worsted-weight yarn and think it produces the cuddliest amigurumis. I used a size F (3.25mm) hook.

    Just FYI-- I am a very tight crocheter, and an F hook with worsted weight is perfect for me. If you're a looser crocheter, you might want to consider an E hook. I may sound obsessive about hook size, but it's just so disappointing to see an amigurumi with loose stitches and stuffing showing through. :)

    Good luck!! I'd love to see how your Skye turns out!

  3. Thank you so much Erin! Those measurements are close enough. I had bought worsted weight cotton before buying the pattern as I use that a lot, and it calls for size 2mm hook, but this will work. If I don't like it in cotton I can always make one in acrylic or acrylic and wool blend, and my little granddaughter (will be 4 in May) that this one is for, and she has two sisters and I'm sure there are more Skye puppies in my near future. I am in Ravelry ("TwitItMartha" and love it). I still have to use my cheat sheet for magic circles. I'll post a picture when I get this cutie finished. Thank you so much for your help. Happy Crocheting!