Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The replacement snappy pencil pouch

Once upon a time, a great tragedy befell the original snappy pencil pouch that I made for Brad.  The story goes like this:

Brad loved his pouch and carried it everywhere he went at the high school where he teaches.  Occasionally, when he's out and about on campus, there is an inevitable call of nature.  I am informed that men's bathrooms don't have handy purse hooks or shelves by the urinals, so Brad was attempting to take care of business while pinning the pouch between his chin and chest when disaster struck.  The pouch did NOT make it through intact after an emergency session in the washing machine (apparently the measuring tape segments inside yearned to be free), so Brad sheepishly called me and humbly requested a replacement.

Thank goodness I wrote down the measurements I used when I altered the fabulous Sew Can She tutorial for a Snappy Coin Pouch, so recreating it was no problem.  I used some navy duck cloth for the outside, and added an important design element (that was actually called for in the original tutorial, but unfortunately omitted from the original pencil pouch) -- a swivel snap clip.  Said clip was actually recovered from an old dog tie-up that Corey had fashioned before we figured out that tying Connie up made her crazy.  Now, it can be used to secure the pouch to Brad's pocket or belt loop when his hands are otherwise occupied.

For the inside, I used some Star Wars fabric that features technical specs of various vehicles from the movies.  I picked up the fabric from the remnant bin, of course.

Brad was very pleased with the addition of the swivel clip, and has also requested a shelf to be installed above the urinals just in case he's carrying something else without such a handy dandy clip.  Luckily, the high school administration agreed and the shelf is currently on order.  Cross your fingers and hope this pencil pouch stays out of other tragic situations!

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