Saturday, March 22, 2014

Andrew's Notre Dame lunch bag

DARN IT!  I did it again.  I made a gift for someone and forgot to document it before sending it on to the recipient.  Since the recipient is Erin's husband, Andrew, you would think it would be easy to just ask Erin to take some photos.  Andrew has, however, already started a new job in Texas while Erin and Sonia stay behind to get the house sold, and I sent the birthday present to Andrew in Texas.  Someday I might get some better photos, but for now all I have is this cruddy cell phone pic taken in my basement sewing area.

Yes, even though Erin and I started this goofy blog to document our sewing/crocheting adventures for each other, we still send each other cell phone pics of projects in varying stages of completion because we are obnoxious like that.  Maybe it's a twin thing.

This is the third lunch bag I have made using the fabulous Pink Penguin tutorial.  This time, I used fabric from Andrew's old Notre Dame baseball jersey and some old plaid golf shorts that Erin gave me to make something out of.  The lining of the bag is also made from the plaid, which is some sort of sporty fabric that almost feels a bit like ripstop nylon.  I chose to use cotton webbing for the handles instead of sewing fabric handles, and it turned out great.  The cording in the drawstring top is parachute cord.

Next time I make one of these lunch bags, I will remember to cut the top cover pieces a bit wider so I can sew in French seams.  Ayumi (the genius behind Pink Penguin) mentions this modification possibility deep into the tutorial, but it is unfortunately long after the cut list.  Each time I have made this bag, I cut the fabric before figuring out the raw edge issue and didn't have enough fabric left over to recut the cover pieces.  Grrrrrrrr...

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