Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two-sided zipper pouches in two sizes

I saw a tutorial for a really cute two-sided zipper pouch  from Sew Can She that I wanted to try, and now I am in love!  They are cute, and in an unexpected shape.  I made two, because although my phone technically fit in the first pouch I made, my heavy-duty case needed a little more room for a better fit.  Anyone with a normal iPhone case would have no problem fitting her phone in the smaller pouch.

The first one -- the one on the bottom -- was made exactly according to the tutorial (except I used a regular zipper instead of a metal one because I didn't have a long enough one on hand).  The second one had a few alterations, including cutting the main pieces of fabric to 6" x 8" and the piece for the tab cut to 2 1/4" x 5" to better accommodate the size swivel hook I was using (and because I didn't want the tab to be as long).  I also quilted the outer panels just for fun.

Inside is a cute little "card pocket".  On the first one, I thought I had followed the tutorial's vague instructions on pocket placement but found that it resulted in the pocket being too far to the left (and made it harder to insert and remove cards from the pocket).

For the second larger one, I placed the pocket a tad further to the right (plus, the larger size of the pouch meant there was more room on all sides of the pocket even if it was still centered).

Yes, the photos are terrible because it has been raining and snowing all day long and I just didn't have it in me to get outside for better shots.  The calendar may say it's Spring, but the weather is behaving otherwise.

My cell phone, with its heavy duty case, fits nicely in the bigger pouch.  It will be a nice change of pace from my bigger purse when I go out.  I'm starting to scheme about making this longer and skinnier (and without the inside pocket) to serve as a pencil pouch.  That would be a cute birthday present for one of the kids' friends.

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