Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snappy pencil pouch

I rarely sew for guys.  Let's be honest -- most hand-made stuff is not really all that manly.  I was tickled when one of Corey's best friends, Brad, asked me to sew him a pencil pouch after I had shown him and his wife the fun snappy coin pouch I had made.  He thought is was hilarious that I had sacrificed one of Corey's measuring tapes for the snappy part, and thought that would be a neat closure for a pencil pouch.

When I asked him about colors and patterns, he outlawed any patterned fabric and mentioned only gray, black, or brown.  But what about gray chevron?  NO.  What about stripes?  NO.  Hee hee.  So solid colors, it is.  I made it using the Snappy Coin Pouch tutorial, but I made the following changes:

- cut the fabric to be 5 1/2" by 10 1/2"
- use a 3" length of 1"-wide black twill tape instead of sewing a tab
- no boxed corners (not necessary for a pencil pouch)
- cut the measuring tape strips 9" long

I do like how it turned out, but I probably shouldn't have lined it with heavy canvas.  The outside was also a medium-weight canvas, so the seam allowances on the inside really fight and cause it to look a little lumpy around the edges.  Probably should have trimmed them a little, too.  Oh well.  No one should notice once the pouch is stuffed full of pencils and pens.  The canvas does look all nice and manly though.  Can't wait to give the pouch to Brad this weekend!

I have now used up exactly six feet of the measuring tape.  Only nineteen more feet to go until I have to sacrifice another one!  Just kidding, Corey.

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