Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank you aprons, concluded

I finished the last three aprons for all of Peter's teachers at White Rose, and even convinced an actual adult to photograph me modeling them since my previous photographer just couldn't be bothered yesterday afternoon.  Corey told me they were like a collection on Project Runway, so here they all are in one place.  Guess which one would be singled out by Nina as the one that doesn't quite fit with the rest?

This one was cute, but if I were making it for me I would modify the tutorial to make the apron a little wider.  I used twill tape instead of fabric ties for the apron strings and neck tie because I was getting anxious to get this all done in time.  Someone please remind me not to model in a tank top ever again, because I'm not so thrilled with the armpit shot.

I deviated from the tutorial on this one and unfortunately it resulted in the straps coming off the apron at a funny angle.  When I make this again (and I totally will, because there is nothing I like more than turning old jeans into something fun!), I will actually follow Kim's directions a little closer for cutting out the shape for the arm holes.  I also think the binding needs to be cut on the bias to work with the curves a little better.  I should have taken a photo of the reverse of the apron, because the inside of the jeans I used had a cool plaid print.

Corey volunteered to model this one for me.  This is for the only male teacher at White Rose.  I made it in a carpenter apron style, and just sort of winged it after looking for a good tutorial and failing miserably.  Fun fact -- the bias tape was made from an old twin sheet that I used in law school (until mom and dad got me my awesome queen size bed when I moved out of student housing).  The denim was just bought at the fabric store -- it wasn't from old jeans.

The next two I already blogged about previously.

And here is the reverse of the scalloped edge apron, with the see-through lining.  I didn't get the pockets angled correctly (which the author of the tutorial also said she struggled with -- so why not figure it out and add some markings to the pattern to aid in pocket placement, huh?), but it's not too crazy noticeable.

WHEW!  A couple of those aprons (the bottom two, actually) took a lot longer than I imagined they might.  I wish I had been there to see the teachers open their gifts, but Peter was throwing a HUGE tantrum at drop-off and I thought it was better if I just skedaddled out of there ASAP.  NanaB picked Petey up from school because I was at Charlotte's preschool picnic, and she said the teachers were all tickled with the aprons.  The aprons were individually wrapped, and they let Petey hand them out to each teacher.  He was so proud to do that.  So much fun!

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