Monday, May 6, 2013

Football shirt shorts

I won an online giveaway last week for six free patterns from a couple of independent designers -- Seamingly Smitten and The Green Hedgehog.  One of the patterns I won was the Boys' Classic Fit Pants, and I used it (but shortened the length) to make some shorts out of an old Notre Dame t-shirt for Peter.  The pattern wasn't a whole lot different than the self-drafted pattern I made by copying a pair of Peter's pants to make the pajama pants, but it was nice to use an "official" pattern.

Peter is in love with them, but wouldn't take his eyes off of the "Busytown Mysteries" episode he was watching on the iPad when I took this picture.

I was going to hem them, but that will have to wait until later because Peter REFUSES to take them off right now.  They are kind of cute long and raw at the bottom, so maybe that's the way they will stay.  I will get the official ruling from Corey when he gets home tonight.

I wanna make some t-shirt shorts for me next!!

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