Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday shirt for Sonia

I meant to make a practice shirt for Charlotte using this sweet Ruffle Sleeve Top tutorial before I made one out of the material I had bought for Sonia's shirt, but I completely spaced and used the Sonia's fabric by accident.  Since Charlotte and Sonia have the same measurements right now, this was not such a big deal. Plus, the pattern is super easy and goes together really quickly.  If I had to remake it, it would not have been a tragedy.

It was, however, a complete success.  My usual model is playing outside with her little brother, so a pink hanger had to stand in.  The pattern called for a lightweight cotton, but I think a knit would be even better for this top.  I'm toying with adding pockets in a coordinating eyelet fabric.

Next up is a May Day skirt out of this fabric and the eyelet fabric to match!  Now I just need to run out and buy some more elastic for a waist band.

For future reference, I altered the measurements of the pattern to cut the fabric as follows:
shirt body = 40" x 18"
straps = 17" x 7" (x2)
1/4" elastic for the body = 23"
1/4" elastic for the straps = cut about 12" and then shortened to about 8" or so to fit Charlotte.

I think the bodice could stand to use a little less fabric, so I will probably cut Charlotte's to be 38" x 18".  I also strayed from the instructions to add a French seam rather than just zig zagging the vertical seam on the bodice.  It looks waaaaaay better on the inside.  I also used 1/4" elastic for the top of the bodice because I didn't have any 1/2" elastic on hand and figured it would work just as well.  I love this pattern and can't wait to make one for Charlotte!


  1. The top is so cute! Perfect for summertime.:)


    1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you found this post. :) Hope I did the top justice. Love your blog and your tutorials!!!