Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daddy's shirt to sweet A-line tank

For our wedding, Corey bought Hawaiian shirts for all of the groomsmen and ushers and had them change into them for the reception. Somehow, we ended up with a extra one in size medium. Corey hasn't worn his size large in many years (Hawaiian shirts weren't in vogue in Nashville) but refused to part with either of the shirts for sentimental reasons. Luckily, he finally let me take the medium-sized one out of the closet when I promised to make something out of it for Charlotte.

I recently won a free A-line dress pattern from Seamingly Smitten and used it for the basis of a A-line tank. I wanted to do French seams on the sides so I cut the pattern a little wider. Turns out that made the straps a little too far apart for little Charlotte, so I added two pleats in front and a box pleat in the back to try to address this issue. Charlotte has yet to retry on the tank, but when she does I bet it will fit much better. One of the buttons was missing on the shirt, but I think I want to replace all three buttons with something a little girlier just for fun.

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