Sunday, May 26, 2013

A thank you apron

Peter's last week of school is finally upon us.  He will be going to a new preschool next year (one with a more formal curriculum and less of a day care) so I wanted to say an extra-special thank you to the teachers who put up with all of Peter's drop-off tantrums, potty training, etc.  There are five teachers there, so I decided to make them each an apron as a thank you.  One of the teachers is a guy though, so I'm going to need to dig up some more manly fabric and sew with a few less ruffles for his.  I get bored making the same pattern over and over again and there are 4 billion apron sewing tutorials on the internet, so I decided to make each teacher a different apron.

I mostly followed this tutorial to make the first one.  I know the fabric combination looks a little funky, but I wanted to find a fabric with white roses one it (the school is named "White Rose Academy").  This is harder than you think.  I figured I would have plenty of options in my fabric stash for coordinating prints, but I guess I really don't have a whole lot with gray in it.  I think the combination turned out okay, but it certainly wouldn't be my first choice.  I will see what else I can come up with for the next apron.

I'm home alone with the kids and am terrible of taking pictures of myself in the mirror, so I asked Charlotte to be my fashion photographer.  She was so proud to be using Mommy's grown-up camera.  She did a very nice job!

The apron isn't necessarily supposed to be reversible because there is no pocket on the back side, but it is nicely finished on the back so that it could really go either way.  If I made this pattern again, I would use a third coordinating fabric for the back and add a pocket so that it could truly be considered reversible.

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