Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scalloped apron for another preschool teacher

Here is the second apron I completed in my quest to make all of Peter's teachers an apron out of "white rose" fabric.  I used a tutorial for a reversible scalloped apron and didn't read through the whole thing very carefully before I started.  This apron is very labor-intensive, but that wasn't the problem.  There it was in the very last instruction -- the dreaded HAND STITCHING.  I avoid hand stitching like the plague.  I was able to work around it and use the machine instead, but I'm sure it would have looked way nicer with hand stitching.  Considering I have no idea if the apron's recipient likes to wear aprons and I really don't know how much this gift will be treasured, I'm sure as heck not going to hand stitch if I don't have to.  Here is the apron, in all of its glory:

Charlotte took the photo, once again!  Note to self -- use a more opaque fabric if you really want the apron to be reversible.  Unfortunately, you can see the backside of the design through the lining (made from some old off-white curtains that were in our Tennessee house when we moved in) on the other side, so I'm just going to pretend it's not supposed to be reversible (despite the fact that I did put a pocket on the backside).  I ran into the problem again of not really having any coordinating in an amount sufficient enough for this project.  It uses a surprisingly large amount of fabric, but it does turn out pretty cute.

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