Friday, May 3, 2013

Ruffle strap top for Charlotte

The Ruffle Sleeve Top (which I think should probably be renamed the "Ruffle Strap Top", since those "sleeves" are much more like "straps") went together nicely with some butterfly knit material I found in the JoAnn's remnant bin.  Charlotte told me the top was "bee-yoo-tee-ful" and wanted to keep wearing it after I tried it on her for the photo.  I think I should have modified the sleeves to be one layer of material instead of two, since they are kind of stiff with the weight of this fabric.  It is nice for the ruffle to be double-sided though, and maybe I'll just get used to Charlotte looking like she's going to take off and fly every time she wears it.  Charlotte certainly doesn't mind, because in Charlotte World you can never have too many ruffles, sparkles, or pink.

How cute does that top look with those little capri jeans?  I'm rethinking making Sonia's top (see previous post) part of an outfit with a full skirt.  That much fabric might result in Sonia being overwhelmed with fabric and looking rather shapeless.  It would probably look better with some little knit capris or fitted shorts.  I'll have to check with Erin to see the state of Sonia's summer wardrobe to see if she needs something like that.

I hemmed this knit top using a method I saw on "Sewing with Nancy" -- using fusible web to stabilize the layers so they don't go wavy when you sew them together.  This knit was heavy enough that it might not have been a problem, but I wanted to try the technique.  I'm glad I did, because it really did make sewing across the grain (which is where knit is the stretchiest) very easy.

Next time I make this pattern (if there is a next time), I might actually grade down the width of the ruffled strap/sleeve (especially if I'm using a heavier knit).  A lighter woven fabric or lighter knit might be better, too.

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