Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple basket for September birthdays

Pretty much Corey's entire family was born in September.  It's kind of hilarious, actually.  He was born on his mom's birthday, and his dad's birthday is two days later.  Another cousin and a grandma are also born that month.  I will refrain from making jokes about everyone apparently having a good time on New Year's Eve.

I sewed a lot of birthday presents last year for the September birthday crew, but this year I only managed one quick project for my mother-in-law, Barb.  Apples are a pretty big deal up here in Michigan in September, so I made her a little basket to hold some of Michigan's finest.  The exterior fabric is a bit leftover from when Barb got her sitting room chairs upholstered earlier this year.



I didn't take a good photo of the lining, but it's a multi-colored gingham remnant I have had for ages.

I didn't use any tutorial in particular, because I have made so many of these kinds of baskets in the past that I could just about make them in my sleep.  I cut the fabric out in the shape of a cross (as opposed to a large rectangle, before boxing out the corners) with the center being 6" x 7", and 4" arms coming off of each end.  Then, I just matched the sides of the cross, sewed them, nested the exterior inside the lining with right sides matching (after slipping in the handles, which are cotton webbing), sewed it up, flipped it out, and closed up the gap by topstitching around the edge.  Oh, and I spray basted some felt to the lining way back at the beginning.  Perfect for holding some yummy "macs"!

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