Friday, September 5, 2014

Flaming snack bag for Peter

[I'm pretty sure the title of this post is going to attract some views by people using a search engine to find very different things, but Peter named this his "Flaming Snack Bag" and I'm not going to argue.]

ANYWAY, I wanted to sew him something fun to take in his preschool bag to hold his snack.  He has a Transformers lunch box and a Lightning McQueen lunch box, but I thought it might be fun for him to switch between those (plus, I really wanted to take a break from my current sewing project and do something a little different).  I used Jenni Baker's tutorial for a Lined Drawstring Bag (which I have made before, and just adored the result) with two of Peter's favorite fabrics from my stash -- flames and motorcycles.

Unfortunately, I kind of forgot that the motorcycles on the blue fabric would be lost once the drawstring was pulled shut.  Oh well -- Peter can enjoy that pattern when the bag is open.  The lining is a stiff shiny fabric of some sort that is heavier than rip stop nylon.  I have no memory of where I got it, but I'm guessing it was from the remnants rack.  Total shocker, I know.  The other two fabrics are quilting cotton.

I added a layer of InsulBrite to the flame fabric using spray adhesive to give the bag a little more structure and a smidgen of insulation.  I don't think the bag is going to be all that insulated since I didn't add InsulBrite to the top part, but it might help a little when I send some fruit and use a cold pack.  The kid is only in preschool for three hours and it's not like the snack has to stay cool for long.

The bag probably ended up a little taller than I needed, but I guess that means it should fit his water bottle inside as well with no issues.  If I made it again for a snack bag, I would probably shorten it by about two or three inches.  I also boxed the corners at 3.5" instead of 3" to make it a tad deeper and so the cold pack we have would fit a little easier.

One note about the cutting list in the tutorial -- it says to cut the fabric for the main outside part to 9" x 22", and then to sub-cut the piece into two pieces measuring 9" x 10.5".  I think she meant that the original piece should be cut to 9" x 21", though (since 10.5 plus 10.5 equals 21).  Not a huge deal, but it just resulted in me having to cut off that extra inch and throw it away.

And here is that little stinker on his first day of preschool yesterday.  He insisted on dressing himself, which is how he ended up with a black Batman appliqué t-shirt (which I made for him sometime last fall) paired with navy plaid shorts.  I couldn't talk him out of changing at least one or the other, so I let it slide.  It's funny how he cares so much more about what he wears than his big sister, Charlotte.  What a goofball.

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