Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Peek-a-boo toy sacks for Quinn and Maisie

My sister-in-law liked the toy sacks I made for Charlotte and Peter that had clear vinyl windows in them, and so she commissioned me to make five bags for her kids' toys.  The toys she wanted to be able to sort fell into the categories of Disney Cars, Disney Planes, Star Wars, Rescue Bots, and Disney Princesses.  I was able to find licensed character fabrics for all of those, although the Rescue Bots will have to be represented by Transformers Prime (the older kids' version of that cartoon franchise).  I had to buy the Transformers fabric off of eBay (my first-ever official online fabric purchase!), but the rest of the fabrics were at Jo-Ann's.

The Princess bag is about 2/3 the size of the rest of them since Maisie doesn't have a ton of them.

Here is the Planes bag:

The Rescue Bots will go in here:

The Cars will go in here:

And finally, here is the Star Wars bag:

I used the same Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack tutorial as last time (modifying the dimensions for the Princess sack), and it worked great.  I did go rogue on the drawstrings though -- instead of sewing on an additional piece of fabric to serve as the pocket for the drawstrings, I just left openings in the seams and sewed a couple of lines an inch apart about an inch down from the top all the way around the sack to line up with the openings.  Much simpler, in my opinion.  I also designed it so there were two drawstrings to pull in opposing directions so the bag would stay closed better than with one.  I wish I had done that with my kids' sacks!

All of the fabrics are quilting weight cotton, but the Star Wars fabric was a little thinner than the rest. Each are lined with solid black cotton, just to make things easier on me.  The drawstrings are just nylon cord from my stash.

The woman at the fabric cutting counter had asked me what I was making when I was getting these fabrics cut.  I explained the bag to her, and she asked "well, if the bag has the characters on the outside, why do you need the clear window to see what's inside?"  She clearly does not know that vinyl peek-a-boo windows are ALWAYS awesome, no matter what.  I just smiled and shrugged in response.

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