Thursday, October 24, 2013

An unhappy Batman

I have had a black t-shirt I was planning to appliqué with a Batman logo for Peter for months.  I finally sat down this afternoon and sewed on the logo (cut from garish yellow ripstop nylon) and hoped it would pull Peter out of his funk (caused by a bad cold that kept him home from preschool).

Three-year-olds are not really known for their gracious acceptance of gifts, but I was a little surprised when Peter outright rejected the shirt.  Then, he softened and told me he would want it tomorrow.  A few moments later, he wanted me to put it on him.  Then I tried to bribe him with watching some TV if he let me take a photo of him.  I guess I should have put some shoes on in since it's barely 50 degrees outside, because this was his reaction to the outdoor photo shoot:


Yes, he's still wearing his pj bottoms, because he stayed home sick today and why get him dressed if I don't have to?

I carried my little superhero back inside and tried to catch a few quick snapshots, but he refused to stand somewhere with good lighting.   I think he was telling me here that he was DONE.

I guess this photoshoot just wasn't meant to be.  I really should have used some sort of stabilizer on the back of the shirt because the design was so thin and spread out.  I also don't think the Wonder Under stuck to the nylon very well, so it probably wasn't the best choice for appliqué material.  Peter seems to like the shirt now that I have him safely back inside the warm house with an episode of "Paw Patrol" on, so I guess all's well that ends well.

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