Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Odessa's Tea Party Purse

Odessa (the daughter of my good friend, Kym, and one of Charlotte's favorite buddies) is one of the sweetest little girls I know.  I have sewed her a few things over the past couple of years, but somehow I never made her a purse.  She asked me very sweetly for one a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to making it this afternoon.

The purse's design came from a tutorial by Fancy That.  I loved how the top was gathered with elastic to give it a ruffly look without having to actually sew on ruffles.  I quilted the outside (using felt for the batting) with diagonal lines because I'm still too chicken to try any other design.

It's the perfect size to store a few of Odie's treasures, and Charlotte and I decided it would be ideal bag to carry to a tea party.

I do wish I had added boxed corners to the bag -- I'm not a huge fan of the pointy bottom and the boxed corners would have helped the bag stand up on its own.  If I make the bag again -- and I probably will, because this would be a perfect addition to a birthday present for any one of Charlotte's friends -- I will definitely box the corners.  I think I would also use cotton webbing for the handles because I love the finished look that gives to a casual bag.  I just can't sew as straight as I want to and when I make the turned tube handles with stitching down them it always looks too home made for my taste.

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  1. Dropped by from Bag Brag - loving the bag and especially the colours :D