Sunday, October 27, 2013

Emergency Snickers Ruffle Zipper Pouch

Corey's mom has had a rough few weeks (her dad is in the ICU after a triple bypass) and he figured she needed something to hold an emergency stash of chocolate in her purse in case she needed a little pick-me-up after a long day at the hospital. He and I looked through the pouch tutorials I had pinned on my Pinterest board (yes, he was amused by the sheer number of them that I have pinned) and we picked this one from See Kate Sew as the perfect Snickers repository.

It's teeny -- just big enough for two or three fun-size Snickers bars.  I stuck fairly closely to the tutorial (other than completely skipping the decorative stitching), but I changed it so the top section above the ruffle was the same as the bottom fabric (rather than the same as the ruffle) -- I just liked the ruffle to stand out more on its own.  I also boxed out the bottom corners (just a tiny bit) just for fun.  Okay, so I guess it wasn't THAT close to the original instructions, other than the structure of the ruffle and the size of the pieces I cut.

The lining is the same print as the ruffle, and I added a little metal ribbon charm to the zipper pull to give the pouch a bit of extra cuteness. It's been hard on the whole family having Grandpa Great (as my kids call him) so sick, but since I'm sick with an icky cold and therefore banned from any ICU visits I'm glad I could contribute somehow by keeping my mother-in-law's spirits up.  Now we're off to the store to buy a stash of Snickers, because, as my husband loves to remind me, chocolate is an excellent antidepressant.  

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