Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A happy birthday clear vinyl zipper pouch for Corey

Corey really wanted a nice clear vinyl window zipper pouch for his car registration and insurance cards in the Mustang.  I kind of kept pushing it down the list because I had made the pattern before and was more excited about making other things.  When his birthday rolled around, I figure I had better bump it back up to the top of the list and get cracking!  Vanilla Joy's 30 Minute Peek-a-Boo Pencil Pouch is a great pattern for such a bag, even though it is a little bigger than you really need for the paperwork.  Better too big than too small though!

As with the previous two times I made this pattern, I was a little annoyed with the raw edges on the inside.  I took care of the most obvious ones by adding a topstitched border around the edge.  There are still some raw edges around the vinyl that shred a little, and it's not really possible to use fray check after it's sewn because you would be able to see the staining through to the front.  I guess I should either zigzag or fray check the edges of the pieces before stitching them to the vinyl.  Either that, or I am going to have to figure out a way to construct a similar pouch so that these raw edges aren't an issue.

Hopefully, this pouch won't get a ton of use (i.e., Corey won't be getting speeding tickets and having to whip out his license and registration a bunch of times) and there won't be little strings coming off that often.  Right, Corey???  Either that, or let's hope the police office is such a Michigan State fan that he/she forgets to give Corey a ticket because he/she is too busy admiring the pouch.

I added a layer of Craft Fuse to the peek-a-boo lining piece to give it a little more structure, but now I'm thinking I would like to try constructing the pouch with the front pieces interfaced as well.  That would probably help with keeping the fabric from stretching while I sew on the zipper (which is part of the reason why the top edge looks a little wonky).

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