Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quinn's Bicycle Bucket

In the latest installment of "Why Anna from Noodlehead should start charging me to make gifts from her free tutorials", here is a gift I sewed for my nephew, Quinn, from my favorite Bicycle Bucket tutorial.

I checked my voicemail a few weeks ago and on it was a hilariously sweet message from Quinn (who is four and a half) asking me to please please please make him a bicycle bucket like Maisie's so he can take Kayla Dog (his favorite stuffed animal) on bike rides.  How could I say no?

A quick consultation with his mom led me to buy some Lightning McQueen fabric for the outside, and of course I had to line the inside with my favorite flame fabric.  I kind of cheated with this bike bucket because I only had single-sided fusible ultra-stiff interfacing on hand.  I fused it to the inside and the shape of the bucket holds the outside in place nicely.  (If I had fused it to the outside pieces, then poor Quinn would have kept pulling the loose lining out accidentally, I figured.)

My in-laws took it to Quinn last weekend and it was a big hit.  They sent me this sweet cell phone pic of Quinn  and Kayla Dog testing it out:

Thank goodness Kayla Dog won't be left behind (or worse, my sister-in-law forced to carry him) on bike rides anymore.  Glad you like it Quinn -- nothing makes me happier than to sew something upon request (as opposed to my usual m.o., which is foisting sewn gifts upon unsuspecting recipients).

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