Friday, July 26, 2013

Bike bucket for Maisie

My sweet niece, Maisie, is turning three in a couple of weeks.  I just spent all week with her at Camp NanaB, and it is clear that she loves to ride her bike.  Stephanie mentioned that Maisie had asked for a bucket to go on her bike, and I jumped up and volunteered to make one.  Maisie's favorite color is green and the bike is pink and purple, so I found some cute fat quarters that could pull all three of those colors together.  I love the tutorial I used, and I'm totally grateful for the blog post I found on another site that documented that author's experience making the bucket.  She even answered a question I had about the size of the attachment piece!

I could not for the life of me figure out how to iron in the Pellon 72F piece on the inside on the bottom, so it's kind of loose there.  I don't think Maisie will mind.  I purposefully didn't take a picture from an angle to show the entire lining because it's not all that flat.

Here is the piece that attaches it to the handlebars on the bike.  I forgot about making the piece bigger to accommodate the foam piece around the bar, so I'm going to re-sew it with a bigger circumference.  It shouldn't take very long.

And here is the bucket being modeled on Peter's bike.  Please ignore the messy garage!

Hope Maisie likes it!  Now I need to figure out some fun things to put in the bucket for her to tote around while riding her bike.  Knowing her, she'll probably put cars and her lovey (if it is allowed outside the house!) in it.

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  1. ah! that is too cute!!!! great job!!!! I'm sure she's enjoying it! :)