Tuesday, July 2, 2013

HERE COME THE IRISH! -- another Abbey Nightie

It was reported to me that my dear niece, Sonia, has been wearing her Placer High School Pep Band jammies to death, so I figured I had better make her another nightie to put into rotation.  Luckily, I was able to find the pattern I had drawn for the body of what I shall hereafter be dubbed the "Abbey Nightie" and I figured out again how much fabric I needed for the ruffles and the binding.  So watch out bedtime, because HERE COME THE IRISH!

Well, the back of the nightie says "ERE COME THE IRISH" because I accidentally cut it off-center and the poor "H" got caught in the seam allowance  Sounds kind of Irish that way though, don't you think?

Either Erin gave me this shirt to use for upcycling, or this is the one that I think I got when Corey and I actually went to South Bend in 2003 (just a couple of months after our wedding!) with Erin and Andrew to see Stephanie and Don (who were in the M.B.A. program there at the time) and watch a game.  That day was super fun, as I recall.  The white t-shirt strips used for the ruffles and binding actually came from my Duke University Marching Band t-shirt, the top of which is unfortunately stained beyond usefulness.

I made the nightie with a better binding technique for the underarms (using the technique I learned when making the terrycloth Prefontaine Shorts that completely failed, and thus I have not brought myself to blog about yet).  I just realized I forgot to add another line of stitching at the bottom to hold the ruffle in place, so Sonia will receive a slightly different finished product (just imagine a line of white top stitching just above the ruffle at the very bottom of the dress).

Can't wait to see this nightie on my little sweetie niecey!


I gave the nightie to Sonia and she looked awesome in it.  Here she is, during a pajama dance party in Charlotte's room:

I love seeing the girls together, dancing in their Abbey nighties and representing their mommas' alma maters!

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