Friday, July 26, 2013

A couple of cute pouches

I needed a break from sewing clothing, because clothing is very tricky!  It has to fit, be comfortable, be cute, and be well-made so it doesn't look "Becky Home-Ecky".  Not so easy to execute, as it turns out.  Pouches are the perfect antidote to the stress of garment sewing.

The first pouch was from a tutorial published by a hilarious woman who is quickly becoming my favorite sewing blogger.  It's one that she calls the "Straight-Sided Flat-Bottomed Pouch".  It's quite a mouthful, but it is the perfect description of the pouch.

Why the "R" on the pouch?  It's for something to be revealed later.

The second pouch was not so successful, mainly because I didn't line up the pleather patches so well, and also because I kind of messed up the pleather by getting too close with the iron and proved just how synthetic it all was by melting part of it.  The tutorial was fine, but it would have worked better with actual leather (as the tutorial called for, rather than the stretchy pleather I used).  Notice how the triangles don't actually line up, as would have been aesthetically pleasing.

You can see on the triangle on the right where I kind of steamed off part of the "pleather".  Whoops!  The pouch is still functional, but not worth actually gifting to someone.  Ahem.  I guess I can use it for holding, um, Q-tips or something like that when we travel, right?

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