Monday, July 22, 2013

A vinyl pouch to match the purse

I forgot about pinning this great tutorial for a very cool-looking clear vinyl-front pouch, and when I found it again this morning I started making it to match Erin's purse.  She is a sucker for see-through pouches.  This one won't hold a ton because it's pretty flat, but what's in there will be in full view!

Here is the front view.  You can see the light reflecting off of the clear vinyl up at the top a bit.

Here is the back view.  Just ignore the crazy little experimental thingy I tried to put on the zipper pull tab to make it easier for Erin to pull.  I'm going to come up with a better option.

It's a simple design, but I love the way the author solved the problem of how to make the vinyl and the zipper work together.  The author is a quilter, so of course she recommended I finish the last step of the binding by hand.  HA!  Not gonna happen.

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