Monday, July 22, 2013

Classic A-Line Dress disaster

A while back, I won some free patterns from an online indie pattern designer.  I was allowed to choose three patterns from all the ones available, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with the "Classic A-Line Dress".

I read the directions, and was a little suspicious of the method for constructing the straps.  I kind of forgot about the pattern until his evening after dinner when Charlotte and I were talking about how people design clothes.  I told her I would sew her an elegant dress and thought of this pattern.  I dug out a couple girly fabrics (teal eyelet and pink with multicolored striped circles on it).  I cut out the pieces under Charlotte's watchful eye, but she wandered away when I started sewing.

About an hour later, I was done.  The top where the straps came together is a complete mess, and it's totally not my fault.  The method of tucking one side inside the other and sewing it results in a really crappy finished product.

Still, I persevered and finished the dress.  Charlotte is in love with it, but it falls off her skinny little shoulders and isn't roomy enough around the middle.  It's difficult to get on because it has no closure anywhere, but I guess it's cool because it's reversible.  Even though Charlotte had a long day at Camp NanaB, I had her model the dress by striking her "most elegant" poses.  Here it is with the pink side out.  I didn't even bother to iron it perfectly because it gets so munched up as we wrestle it on her.

The v-neck back is kind of cool, but it makes her skinny little shoulders pop right out of the dress.

And here it is with the teal eyelet side out.  Yeah, I probably should have chosen a solid for the other side so it would look prettier where the fabric peeked out from behind the eyelets.

That pattern was probably just a waste of fabric.  Pooh.  I'm deleting that pattern!

The funny thing was that Peter wandered out while I was telling Charlotte to strike an elegant pose.  He then made an elephant trumpeting sound and said "dis MY elephant pose!"

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