Monday, July 1, 2013

Update -- tank top finally finished!

A while back, I started and nearly finished upcycling Corey's old Hawaiian shirt into a tank top for Charlotte.  Well, I FINALLY finished it.  I have been on a campaign this morning to get things off of my "to be mended, finished, etc." pile because my sewing room (actually our dining room) was becoming a disaster.  Here is Charlotte, trying to do a hula move:

I found that the cute flower buttons I had bought to replace the missing/ugly buttons wouldn't fit through the buttonholes.  Whoops.  Since I can get this on Charlotte without having to unbutton the front, I just sewed the front shut and stitched the buttons on over the buttonholes.

Charlotte, who wasn't originally in love with this shirt before the button transplant, squealed with delight when I showed her the finished product.  Now she won't take it off, despite wanting to play in the freezing-cold basement.  We fixed that by putting a hoodie on over it.

Now I'm kind of wanting to find some bright pink solid fabric or bias tape to put some binding on around the neck and arm holes.  That might be overkill, though.

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