Friday, July 12, 2013

Redemption -- Double-Zip Wristlet

After yesterday's battle, I wanted to redeem myself by making a better pouch/clutch/wristlet/whateveryoucallit.  I had loved sewing from a previous tutorial by this particular blogger (the brick pouch), so I figured this tutorial would be a heck of a lot easier.  Happily, I was right!  Behold, the Double-Zip Wristlet:

I used a bit of the fabric I found in the remnants bin at Jo-Ann's (it's 100% polyester -- perfect for a bag or wristlet), and lined it with some material left over from Charlotte & Shelby's May Day Skirts.  I loooooove that the bottom zipper opens to its own separate section.  Wheeeee!

The zipper is still kind of creased from being in the package, but that will flatten out over time, right?  Now I kind of wish I had rounded the corners at the bottom of the pouch.  That would have been cute (and prevented things from getting stuck/lost in the corners).  Still, I love the pouch, and will be using it to stash my phone, credit cards, and cash when running errands!

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