Monday, July 22, 2013

Shark Pouch!

Way back in March, I crocheted Sonia and her bestest buddy, Ike (aka Ikey), some hilarious little shark pouches.  They were made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, safety eyes, a zipper, and stiff felt for the teeth.

I absolutely love Moogly's design with the exception of the fins; they are so thin that Moogly recognizes this and suggests stiffening them with "school glue and water" (huh? that doesn't sound like hold up to any sort of handling, and this is clearly not an item designed to sit on a shelf....). When I made the second pouch for Ikey, I doubled each fin and that resulted in a much more robust shark.  I should probably go back and fix Sonia's pouch one of these days.....

The pictures on the pattern showed the shark pouch bring used to hold writing implements, but Ikey and Sonia were too busy stuffing anything small enough to fit past the shark's ferocious felt teeth into their pouches to listen to that suggestion.  Unfortunately, as with all crocheted bags & pouches, items with pointy edges kept getting caught on the individual crocheted stitches, and I was worried that the kids were going to tear the bags apart.

But now, thanks to my sister (and Roonie Ranching partner in crime), I am the proud owner of a sewing machine.  I was initially resistant to the idea of letting her give me her old Brother machine because I do NOT need another craft addiction, but when I realized that I could just use it to sew linings for crocheted purses, bags, and pouches, I relented.  My incredibly patient sister helped me figure out the basics, and my very first project was to line Sonia's shark pouch.  Voila!

Mr. Shark pouch, what all do you have in there?

You're like the clown car of pouches!  Sheesh, you had an entire animal kingdom (including dinosaurs!!) in there.

Say "ahhhhhhhh"....

I had bought that fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics out of the remnants bin several months ago, envisioning my sister sewing me something fabulous with it.  Instead, I created a pretty gruesome-looking shark pouch lining.  Win.

Now I need to steal back Ikey's shark pouch to line it, too.  I wonder if I could line Ella's dinosaur purse.  Noel's owl purse needs a lining, too.  Oh, the possibilities!!  Thanks for the sewing machine, Niki.

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