Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last-minute shirt for Sonia

The morning Erin and Sonia left last week, I was sitting on the floor of Erin's room and looking at the cute shirt Erin set out to dress Sonia in for the car ride home.  I could make something like that!  So I ran downstairs, and instead of helping Erin pack and get her daughter ready, I sewed like a crazy woman and made this shirt for Sonia.  I drafted a pattern based on the existing shirt, screwed it up, fixed it, screwed it up again, and did a last-ditch Hail Mary move to save the shirt.  Amazingly, it worked.

The main body of the shirt is an old t-shirt of mine, and the sleeved and binding are from another t-shirt in the upcycle box.  I didn't get a chance to hem the sleeves because Erin needed to get on the road, but I don't think they look that bad raw.  The body of the shirt uses the original t-shirt's hem.  I love doing that!

I couldn't recreate this top again if I tried without getting my hands on Sonia's shirt again, but I might try, anyway.  The result was pretty cute, and the top was apparently comfortable enough for Sonia to wear it for a five-hour drive home with no complaints.  Score!

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