Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little zipper pouch with some flaws

Cute, right?  Well, I guess so.  The tutorial for this little pouch was very vague, the pieces did not go together quite like they should, and there are raw seams on then inside.  It's still adorable.  Just close your eyes when you unzip it to put something in.  It's pretty teeny -- 4" x 4"-- but it has boxed corners.  It could stand to use some interfacing, but I will probably never make this again unless I can figure out how to avoid the raw seams (or win some amazing contest for a serger).

Yes, I know I should use some different fabric for once, but I am just in love with this print.

(I gave this little pouch to our next door neighbor baby-sitter/cat sitter with money in it as payment for caring for the cats last weekend.  No word from her whether she liked it.)

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