Monday, July 15, 2013

Yarn bag

After seeing this post by a lady who crocheted her own bag to use for holding her yarn while crocheting, I knew I had to recreate it for Erin.  I looked up a tutorial for a simple drawstring bag, altered the dimensions, altered the construction a bunch to get rid of all the darn raw edges on the inside (fabric shedding all over the yarn just wouldn't do), and added an applique "E" to it just for fun (or so Sonia will know not the steal the bag?).  It turned out just as I imagined.

Here is it, stuffed with two skeins of yarn (each in its own separate part of the bag), ready to be used for crocheting:

And here it is empty.  You can only faintly see where it is sewn down the middle to make two separate compartments.

We tried it out with yarn in a skein (with the yarn coming out of the middle of the skein), and we tried it with balls of yarn, and it seems to work great for both.  Now yarn will be kept nice and clean and yarn balls won't be bouncing all over the floor.  Fun!

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