Friday, September 13, 2013

Caleb's Airplane

Caleb is a really sweet little dude in our playgroup who loves airplanes a ton.  He just turned 2 years old and I was so excited to crochet an airplane for him because I had seen a bunch of really cute patterns on the interwebs over the last few months.  I chose this awesome free pattern and grabbed some Caron One Pound (blue) and Red Heart Super Saver (white and gray).

The Caron yarn is slightly thicker than the Red Heart, so I used an F hook on the Caron and a G hook on the Red Heart.

I loved the techniques used in this pattern (like using a double layer of crochet on the wings and tail-- they are nice and stiff but still somewhat pliable).  I kind of wish the propeller were a little bit bigger, but by the time I realized it wasn't quite the size I wanted, I had already attached it with a 9mm safety eye (so that it would spin).  Unfortunately, I attached the safety eye a bit too tightly, so it's almost impossible to spin the propeller.  Oh well!

I think with the blue I chose, this plane looks a bit like Skipper from the movie "Planes"....  Now I kind of wish I had put some safety eyes on the windshield before I stuffed it.

Anyway, happy birthday to Caleb and I hope he has a lot of fun with this little plane!

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