Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Berry Basket is famous!

Well, not famous exactly, but featured by the awesome blogger (Anna of Noodlehead) who posted the tutorial for making it!  It's no secret that I love Anna's designs -- I have made three of her Gathered Clutches (for me, Amanda, and Natalie) and have plans for at least one more.  I have made her bike bucket for MaisiePeter, and Mia (though I haven't photographed Mia's yet).  Therefore, it's a huge compliment that she picked my example of a Berry Basket to post in a collage of photos of projects her readers have made from her tutorials and the patterns she sells.  (I had uploaded my picture to the Flickr account she created for that purpose.)

It was a small honor, but one that made me smile (and giggle out loud, as Corey can attest) nonetheless.


  1. Congrats you should feel very proud of your work!!!!! Great job!!! Linda Lee

  2. Congratulations Niki! Such a cute little basket!