Monday, September 9, 2013

Stash share for Pile o' Fabric's Stash Share Contest

I have been having fun putting together combinations of fabric based on color prompts dictated by Pile O' Fabric for their Stash Share challenge.  I need to provide a link in order to upload my photos for the contest, so I'm posting them here.  I really don't have an extensive stash of a lot of colors, like green and purple, because I use those colors up as soon as I buy them!  I also don't have a lot of shades of yellow, amber, orange, or peach.  Don't know why -- I just don't.  So some of the prompts were easy to fulfill than others!  Here are my stash shots:

Stash Share #1:

Stash Share #10:

Here's hoping I win!  I bet Aunt Janet or Corey's Granny Taylor would have much better stashes to raid for the contest.  [Note to self/Erin -- the first three photos were taken with the iPad's regular camera.  The last seven were taken through the Instagram application.  The first three are much clearer and can be increased in size without a degradation of quality.  The last seven look terrible at anything but their original size.  Good to know!]

I am going to keep challenging myself to build my own custom fabric bundles each week at Pile O' Fabric's Stash Share.


Well, I didn't win the contest, but I'm going to keep posting my stashes by updating this post!  Here is my picture for Stash Share #11:

Stash Share #12:

Stash Share #13:

Stash Share #14:

This is horrible, but I didn't have a single fabric in my stash that matched any of the options for Stash Share #15.  They are all colors I like, but for some reason I just didn't have any on hand.  Oh well.  On to the next week!


  1. Niki,

    I do love your fabric choices too. I wish my stash had more greens in it, this exercise really makes me realize what I'm lacking!

    PS - this was the very first contest that I DID win! Sorry I took it from you and everyone else who entered (probably I shouldn't feel guilty about winning, but that's my nature), I'm thinking of having my own giveaway soon to pay it forward. :)

    1. You shouldn't feel guilty at all! I love all your stash pics. Congratulations!! : )