Friday, September 20, 2013

Bag to hold the Camp NanaB Car Wash

At Camp NanaB this year, we had a car wash!

Well, the kids mostly just rode bikes and scooters through it, but we called it a "car wash" anyway.  That's my nephew, Quinn, zipping through on the bike.  Barb had cut out directions for building this from a magazine years and years ago, and this year she enlisted the help of Larry and Corey to build it for the kids.  It's made from PVC pipes with holes drilled in them and it hooks up to a hose.  It was a huge hit, to say the least.

Now that fall is coming, it's time to pack up the car wash until next summer.  Barb asked me if I would make her a bag to hold it all.  The PVC pipes come apart, but some of the pieces are still nearly six feet long.  I grabbed some green duck cloth and added it to the brown duck cloth remnants I had left over from sewing Larry's 5-Gallon Bucket Organizer.  Then, I sewed a basic drawstring bag and boxed the corners.  The drawstring is parachute cord and the drawstring stopper is the same two-hole kind I used on the Double Skein Yarn Bag.

I forgot that boxing the corners would take a little from the height, so I hope it's still long enough!  If you mash it down flat, the middle part between the boxed corners is still six feet long though.  The lighting for this picture is terrible because it's really cloudy and rainy outside, thus it wasn't possible to take a nice photo with natural light.  Plus, this sucker is huge and not easy to photograph when your only potential photography assistant at home right then is less than four feet tall.

The bag would have been pretty boring if I had left it plain, so I added an appliqué car (made from the green duck cloth and some black felt).

I'm bringing it over to Barb's later this morning -- I hope all the pieces fit inside!

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