Friday, January 17, 2014

Cameron's Spider-Man Beanie

I am in LOVE with a new crochet pattern: The Graph Beanie by Liz McQueen.  What a simple yet perfect way to make a hat!  Unlike most crochet hats, it's really stretchy (due to working the hat sideways in the back loop only).

This next part appeals to my math-loving mind: because the hat is worked in single crochet rows, you can incorporate designs into the hat by using a chart.  Basically, you take any simple design and pixelate it as if you are coloring it on graph paper with one color per square.  Because this was my first time making the graph beanie, I bought a graph of Spider-Man's eyes.  The author has a bunch of different graphs for sale; she obviously crochets for a a bunch of little girls because I saw several My Little Pony graphs!

I think if I practice a bit, I can make that seam where you crochet the two ends of the hat together disappear a little better.  You can kind of see it in this picture of the back of the hat.  But it looks pretty ok.  I'm not too mad at it.

Now that I know roughly how the process of crocheting off of a graph works, I think I might be able to design my own graph to incorporate any sort of image into a hat.  Hmmm.  Maybe an interlocking ND....

This hat was made for Sonia's little buddy, Cameron, who is turning 5 this month.  Happy birthday, Cameron!  He reminds me so much of Niki's son, Peter, that I think they would be thick as thieves if they ever met.

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