Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Minion Hat

Sonia asked if I could crochet her a minion hat (we had seen several on Pinterest), and I decided that I didn't need no stinkin' pattern (although there are a ton of great free ones out there, just FYI!).  Well, I didn't need a minion-specific one, at any rate.  I went back to my old standby, the greatest hat pattern I have found so far: the Hello Kitty hat by Crochet in Color. Then, all I had to do was freehand a monocle (Sonia's loves the one-eyed minions the best) and add some hair.

I purposely made the hat big so I could fit a fleece lining inside (I'm addicted to lining hats with fleece!), but I ended up making it a wee bit too big.  Whoops.

Once again, I wish I had just crocheted a black monocle strap and sewed it on because my color changing stunk!!!

Sonia seriously loves posing for pictures with my crocheted creations.  She was telling me which poses she wanted to do.

I couldn't get her to let go of the braids! Oh well.

Here's a quick shot of the fleece lining:

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