Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Spartan hat in action

I finally remembered to get some photos of Corey wearing his awesome Spartan hat that Erin made him a few weeks ago.  He was out shoveling the snow off of the front walk in preparation for the Rose Bowl game watch party that we threw yesterday, so it was doubly appropriate!

It keeps him nice and warm, thanks to the fleece lining.

Side view, with an oddly-placed doggy butt courtesy of his shoveling buddy, Connie.

Erin told him to trim down the brushy thing on the top to whatever length he liked, but Corey prefers it long and wild.

Goofy action shot!

Corey loves his hat, and is especially grateful for it when shoveling in 17-degree weather.  Thank you so much, Erin!!!

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