Friday, January 3, 2014

Jordan's apron from a while back

I have made bunches of aprons over the years (including over a dozen of them for each of the guests at my sister-in-law's baby shower!), but the apron Jordan asked me to make was the first one I had ever made with a very special feature -- a long, skinny pocket intended to hold his cooking thermometer.  I think the apron he had from cooking school (or one he had purloined from a restaurant job) had such as pocket, so he gave me the pocket dimensions and left the rest up to me.  For the main body of the apron, I just sort of winged a pattern and hoped for the best.

I asked him if he wanted some pockets down at the lower part of the apron, but he declined.  I believe he specifically said that he wouldn't want to carry anything down there that would "ring his bells".  Good point, little brother.  I picked out some light canvas for the main body of the apron and used a quilting cotton for the neck strap and thermometer pocket.  I can't recall what I used for the apron ties, but it might have been some twill tape.

I sent him his apron (and an unpictured matching hot pad) in either the fall of 2012 or winter of 2013, but he just now sent me a picture of him in it.  You can't really take selfies with an iPad if it's out of arm's reach, so what he does is set it up to take a video of himself and then steal a still from it as a photo.  The photo isn't great quality, but you can get the general gist of the apron.  He took the photo to show me that he still loves it, and he confessed that it has yet to see the inside of a washing machine.  That thing probably smells like sorts of nasty by now.  I'm going to tell my mom to secretly wash that puppy next time she drives over to visit him at his bachelor pad in Waco.

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