Friday, January 31, 2014

Printed vinyl changing pad clutch

Nothing is more fun than sewing something by request.  It's almost more fun than sewing something as a surprise gift because you're never truly sure the recipient really wants or needs such an item.  It's a little scary, however, when someone mentions something -- like, say, a laminated cotton/oilcloth changing pad -- and you pipe up and say "I could totally make something like that for you!"  Poor Toni had the misfortune of such an encounter with me, and suddenly found herself the collaborator in my first-ever venture into sewing a wipeable changing pad.  Luckily, it all turned out pretty darn well.

Here it is closed:

And here it is, open:

I totally should have stuck a stuffed animal or baby doll on there for a more interesting photo.  I was just proud of myself that I still had some pull-ups on hand to stuff in there to showcase the two pockets that hang down, which can hold diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc.

I used a great tutorial for a Travel Diaper Changing Pad, but altered it in one major way -- instead of using a layer of clear vinyl paired with regular cotton fabric, I made both the inside and the outside using a printed vinyl that is sort of like laminated cotton or oilcloth.  It's pretty tough, so I figured it would stand up to a thrashing toddler during a wild diaper change.  The original tutorial calls for cotton fabric on the outside, but I figured that since the vinyl would preclude it from being thrown in the washing machine, a wipeable exterior would also be a good idea.  There's a layer of felt between the vinyl, but it's not so bulky that it would take up tons of room in the diaper bag.

A note about the tutorial -- it calls for waaaaaaaaaay more fabric than you actually use.  You really only need 2/3 of a yard of the exterior fabric, and 14" of the pocket fabric (with a good amount of scraps left over even then).  As for the padding, you only need a 12" x 23" piece that could easily be pieced together from scraps of felt/batting already lying around.  I also think a shank button might work better than a regular one, but I didn't have a good matching one on hand to try it with.  If I made this pattern again, I might try it with PUL (polyurethane lined fabric, which is what diaper covers are sometimes made from) if I can find some better prints than the seriously barfy ones I saw at Jo-Ann's.

I am a little worried about the security of the button, though.  If yanked too hard, it could possibly pull through the vinyl.  Be careful, Toni!  I could easily stitch on a strap that used a velcro closure if that happened, though.  


  1. Niki - I have a ton of leftover PUL from my cloth diapering days ;) I am happy to ship it out to you.....

  2. Is it washable when made in this fabric?