Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Melissa's Boot Cuffs

My friend, Melissa, mentioned to me that she had always wanted some boot cuffs (I've also seen them called boot toppers), which mimic the look of cool thick socks with decorative tops sticking out of your boots.  But, unlike thick socks, these cuffs only cover the part of your leg from mid-calf to right below your knee (or wherever your boots end), so they don't make your feet hot or your boots feel too tight.  I had seen a ton of patterns for boot cuffs/toppers floating across some Pinterest boards that I follow, so I told her I'd give it a whirl. The free pattern that Melissa chose (Belmont Boot Toppers) was so cool that I decided I needed a pair, too!  So, I called this post "Melissa's Boot Cuffs", but the pictures are actually of the pair I made for myself.

Each cuff took about an hour and 15 minutes to make, I think.  These are the large size, so they have 4 rows of scallops, but Melissa's are the small size (which I haven't taken glamor shots of, so they are not pictured), so they only have 3 rows.  Both look cool to me!

I promise to coordinate with you, Melissa, so we don't accidentally wear our boot cuffs on the same day and look like we're trying to be twins!  My actual twin might take umbrage.

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