Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day nesting baskets

To round out my mom's Mother's Day gifts, I added a trio of nesting baskets made by referencing (but not strictly following) this tutorial from the Birch Fabrics blog.  They're so stinkin' cute that I am thinking I need to make a few for myself.

I found the outer fabric in the remnant bin.  The navy canvas was left over from the Detroit Tigers tote bag, the yellow canvas was left over from the baskets I made for my mother-in-law, and the striped fabric was left over from the valances I sewed about a decade ago for Erin and Andrew when they still lived in their apartment in Chicago.  I still have quite a chunk of that left, because I had bought a crazy amount due to my inexperience and fear of messing up.

I goofed up the proportions because I forgot to take into account how the varying depths of the boxed corners would affect the heights as well.  They're still cute in the varying heights.

I think the striped one is my favorite.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Thank you for introducing me to sewing all those years ago when Erin and I made those goofy crop tops.  Yes, it took me probably another decade to pick up sewing again, and then another decade to really sew in earnest, but it all goes back to those little crop tops.

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