Sunday, May 25, 2014

Brad's Batman

We had a scare a little while ago....  Peter's pocket-sized Batman (styled to look like the animated Batman from the video game Gotham City Imposters) was almost kidnapped.  KIDNAPPED!  Apparently, Niki's friend, Brad, took a shine to tiny Batman and was considering taking candy from a baby Batman to be his own little friend.  Instead of allowing Brad to be sucked into a life of crime, I quickly hooked Brad his very own little Batman:

Nerdigurumi's free pattern is really interesting.....  It was a little tricky for me because most amigurumi patterns I've used have you crochet in a spiral rather than joined rounds.  But the result is so much fun, and you can't beat the cool cape pattern.  Here's proud Brad with his little pocket buddy:

Brad is seriously cool.  He is a high school science teacher and all-around awesome dude.  I am honored that he enjoyed one of my creations so much!

One funny thing to me is how much smaller Brad's Batman turned out.... See the picture below, which Niki took before she kindly cut out a bat symbol and attached it for me.  Can you see Charlotte's reflection in the toaster?  I wonder what she was eating.

When I crocheted Peter's Batman, I had just picked my crochet hooks back up after a 4-year hiatus, and I was learning the amigurumi ropes.  Previously, I had mostly crocheted afghans and doilies.  Anyway, even though I used acrylic worsted weight yarn for both Batmans, they are radically differently-sized.  The probable reasons for this are:

- I abhor when stuffing shows through in between stitches, so over the past year and a half of amigurumi crocheting, I have gravitated toward using smaller and smaller hooks (typically an F/3.75mm hook).  Peter's Batman was probably crocheted using an H or a G hook.

- It looks to me like I might have more rows in Peter's Batman's torso and head!  Did I lose count when I was crocheting his?  As far as I can tell, I followed the pattern perfectly with Brad's.

- I was pretty stressed out when I was crocheting Brad's Batman.  We were in the process of moving to Texas, so I was wound up tight.

At any rate, enjoy your Batman, Brad!  May you have many fun adventures together.

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