Monday, May 12, 2014

Twisted Pleats Zipper Pouch

I love this sweet little Zipper Purse (or as I have been calling it in my head, the Twisted Pleats Zipper Pouch) tutorial from Amy at And Sew We Craft.  Having made about 500 zipper pouches in the past few years (well, that is kind of an exaggeration), I am always looking out for a new spin (or twist?) on the basic pattern.  This was fun to make and I loved the result.

The one tricky thing about this pouch is that you really can't do topstitching on either side of the zipper like you normally do in a zipper pouch to make sure the lining doesn't float up and get stuck in the zipper.  If you did, the topstitching would totally ruin the look of the pleats.  I tried my best to iron down the lining instead but didn't want to go crazy and melt the zipper.  We'll see how it works over time.

I purposefully cut the lining pieces with the stripes in alternating directions, but it's not quite as cute as I hoped it would be.  I love the peekaboo effect of the alternating twisted pleats on the outside, and I also am impressed at how the pleats (backed by just a bit of medium-weight interfacing) give this pouch the sturdiness it needs without a layer of felt or batting inside.  I will be making this pouch again for sure, possibly in even bigger sizes -- it would be darling as a wristlet.

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