Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wine glass hexagon coasters

These Honeycomb Wine Coasters look like regular old coasters at first glance, but . . .

. . . they actually fit ON to the bottom of the wine glass!  I know wine glasses don't really sweat like tumblers or highballs do, but these do protect your tabletops as well as looking hilarious.  I made the mismatched set above for my mom.  She doesn't drink wine, but she hosts book club and bunco at her house from time to time and apparently those ladies definitely love their wine!

The navy and aqua set below is for my mother-in-law.

I had fun packaging them as gifts, but I guess these ribbons could also serve the purpose of keeping the coasters together while being stored.

I had a ton of fun going through all of my scraps and making matching sets.  These were very quick to make, but it did get monotonous to make 24 of them right in a row!

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