Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oilcloth basket

I had some oilcloth left over from Alex's changing pad/clutch, so I decided to give a tutorial I saw for an oilcloth basket a whirl.  There wasn't anything super special about the method of construction, but it was a nice change to make a basket with a separately attached bottom rather than just boxing the corners (which I never feel like I do quite properly). The folded over top gives it a little stability that would be otherwise lacking, especially since the basket does not include any sort of batting or felt inside.  (It probably could use some batting, if only just for opacity -- you can see where the seemingly opaque lining fabric actually shows the oilcloth's print where the light was shining through!)

I'm torn on what to call the printed material -- is it printed vinyl or oilcloth?  It's certainly not that laminated cotton stuff.  I think I need to look a little closer at the labels at the fabric store.  Whatever the material is called, it made a basket that is the perfect size to hold some random Lego creations in my craft cabinet!

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