Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas of Craft

Back in 2006, before either of us Roonie Ranchers had procreated, the Evans side of the family gathered at my (Erin & Andrew's) house to celebrate Christmas.  Because we pretty much can't sit still, the Roonie Ranchers and our little brother, Jordan, spent a lot of the time crocheting and sewing (and baking cookies and playing Trivial Pursuit and ice skating and cooking and....).

Jordan first: Our little brother arrived with crocheted goods in hand.  Carrot ornaments for all, and a bacon & eggs scarf for Dad.  (Sorry the picture is zoomed and cropped a little funny, but that was to get my unshowered mother out of the picture.  She would disown me if I made such a picture public.)

He also brought his "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" (from the South Park TV show) amigurumi to show off.

Several of the afghans hanging on the blanket rack on the right-hand side of this picture are early crochet projects of mine! In the picture you can see a several Christmas decorations that my incredibly talented Aunt Janet has sewed for me over the years.

Oddly enough, my sister received a toilet seat (as part of her "Pimp My Bathroom" Christmas gift from her husband), and my Dad received a game ("Fact or Crap?) of whose name Mr. Hankey would most heartily approve.

Note the crocheted afghans in their laps.... I made the one on the left and my Great-Aunt Lois made the one on the right.  We are a really crafty family who helps keep yarn manufacturers in business.

Jordan was also working on an afghan during the holiday:

Not sure if he ever finished that!  Compared to amigurumis and doilies, afghans take FOOOOORRRREEEEVVVVVEEEERRRR!

Niki arrived with materials to hand sew the most adorable little Christmas stockings for cats.  Yes, in years past, my sister DID actually hand-sew things.  That was before her sewing machine addiction got out of control.

Niki also made the necklace that she is wearing in this next picture.  Good grief, I think we need craft addiction counseling.

This is the only picture I have of me crocheting, and I was making a doily, though I have no memory of where it ended up. Back then, I gave away a lot of doilies as gifts!  This is back before I discovered the fun of amigurumi and had a child and a whole slew of her friends for which I could create handmade stuffed animals.  Yes, I am unshowered in this picture, but so was Niki in the picture with the toilet seat, so I figured fair is fair.  Also, I am wrapped up in the afghan I crocheted for Andrew while we were engaged.

The work in progress (obviously unblocked!!):

This looks vaguely familiar.  It might be in a guest bedroom, but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look.

So, yeah-- my siblings and I have a crafting addiction.  Definitely something in the genes!

(I also have no ability to open my eyes properly while smiling for pictures.  Crocheting is far more fun than modeling if you ask me.)

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