Friday, November 8, 2013

My Never Land Pirates

This is only a little over a week late, right?  Here are the costumes I created for my kids with a bit of sewing, a bit of crocheting (from Auntie Erin, of course), and a lot of making it work.

First off, here is Jake (of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, of course) at his preschool Halloween party. I know his head scarf thingy looks a little wonky, but it's tough to keep these things straight on a three-year-old.

I previously posted about the vest here.  The head scarf? wrap? whatever? is just a strip cut from one of Corey's old red t-shirts and tied in the back.  The t-shirt is an old white one handed down from Peter's cousin, Quinn, with the neckline ribbing cut off and some embroidery thread stitched across a v-shaped cut in the front.  Peter was especially in love with the shirt for some reason.

Aaaaaaand here is Peter/Jake dancing to a pirate song he was singing to one of his classmates.  You can see a tiny bit of the gray waistband thingy that I stitched from a gray t-shirt.  The pants are just some black pants he had in his closet, and his boots are just his black cowboy boots.

Next up is Charlotte dressed as Izzy (from the Never Land Pirates, too).  Despite the fact that I am the classroom yearbook photographer for Charlotte's kindergarten, I somehow neglected to get any better photos of Charlotte at her class Halloween party later that day than these ones.

The head scarf was sewn from some shiny pink fabric I had on hand.  The awesome shirt was crocheted by Erin.  I promise to do a better photo shoot of Charlotte modeling the top!  The bag of pixie dust was quickly stitched together from some awesome gold/black stretch velvet stuff I found in the remnant bin.  Instead of Tinkerbell's finest flying dust inside, I stuffed the pouch with a wadded up piece of paper.  I added some purple leggings and her cowboy boots and called it a day.

That top is so cool!  The head scarf was a little difficult to keep on, even when I bobby pinned it to her hair for trick-or-treating that evening.

Corey tried desperately to get some good glamor shots of our pirates before they headed out to hunt for candy, but cooperation was not high on their priority lists.  We brought parts of the costumes to Illinois this weekend when the kids and I visited Erin, Andrew, and Sonia.  Within moments of the kids reuniting, we had the Jake & the Never Land Pirates CD blasting while Sonia and Peter danced in partial costume.

(Charlotte was too busy drawing and writing -- she has a complete obsession with this since starting kindergarten.)  We substituted one of Sonia's bandanas for Charlotte's head scarf that I couldn't locate while I was packing for the trip.

Sonia had such a blast with the costumes that I left her the bag of pixie dust to keep -- I can always make another one for Charlotte in about five minutes flat.

Yo ho, let's go!

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