Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ike's Armadillo

I can't believe I forgot to post about the other amigurumi I made for Ikey's fourth birthday....  An armadillo who can roll up in his shell!

I used Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight acrylic yarn, an F hook, safety eyes, and this awesome free pattern.

It probably would have been more realistic to use shades of gray for this little dude....

.... but the pattern author posted pictures of her creations using the brown and tan combination, and I thought it looked adorable.

The funniest feature of this pattern is that the amigurumi armadillo can be rolled up into his shell just like a real armadillo!  The shell stretches and the armadillo's body squishes up inside.  Sonia will demonstrate:


Such an adorable pattern!  Sonia immediately begged me to make her one (she requested hers to be made in pink, turquoise, purple, and maroon-- it looks like it's from the 1980's), and then her cousin, Peter, begged for one as well.  I made Peter's armadillo in bright green and blue, and it looks kind of like a super hero.

Happy birthday (again), Ikey!!

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