Sunday, November 10, 2013

The final version of Granny's phone pouch

I'm getting sick of sewing phone pouches, so it's a good thing this third version turned out okay.

I followed the same tutorial from Fairy Face Designs but omitted the steps involved with piecing the outer panels.  Instead I just cut the outside fabric to the same dimensions as the lining and quilted them in simple diagonal lines with some felt as batting.  I also omitted the wrist strap in favor of the neck strap.  Yeah, it looks a whole lot better coming out of the top instead of the sides.

Here is the back.  I'm kicking myself for not adding some sort of simple appliqué to make it more special, but it still turned out pretty cute.  I love the fabric -- found in the remnant bin, of course.

The strap is made from cotton webbing, and it feels nice and comfortable around the neck.

I gave it to Granny last night.  I hope she will use it now that she definitely will be living alone.  I'm going to ask Granny tonight if she can give me quilting lessons (or at least let me haul my sewing machine over to her condo so she can watch me sew and point out when I do things wrong) so that we can spend some time together.  I know nothing can replace Grandpa in her life, but at least she and I can use sewing to distract us from his absence.

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  1. I spent as much time with my Grandma, as she taught me everything I know about sewing. Spend as much time as you can with her, it's invaluable!!!!